On the Frittata Fence?

Frittatas were never my thing. In fact, until recently, I had never even made one at home. If you don't believe me, you can read more about my egg adventures by clicking here. But that has all changed. I have taken the plunge and become a frittata lover. And not just because they taste so good. They also happen to be a perfect meal-on-the-cheap. And while their main gig is brunch, they can stand in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Aunt Jemima On My Mind

I grew up in what may now be considered a large family. And most of us were not very culinarily (is that even a word?) adventurous. But one thing we could all agree on was Aunt Jemima's Buckwheat Pancakes. If you have never had them; I feel sorry for you. Very, very sorry. You can't even buy the mix now, or at least I was unable to find it available online. I did however find plenty of strings of content from those of us who would love to buy this mix though.

Pound for Pound

I have baked my fair share of pound cakes throughout the years, but I have never really made the original. You know, the one with one pound of butter, one pound of sugar, one pound of eggs, and one pound of flour. So, no time like the present. My task today was obvious: bake a traditional pound cake as well as a slightly updated version that even included a bit of baking powder and compare them.