Beef Tenderloin with Creamy Polenta & Fresh Greens

Plating Assignment: 1 of 4 This meal was exactly what I needed today. Warm, creamy polenta is perfect on a cold, rainy day especially when paired with a tender cut of beef. I simmered the polenta for a little over a half hour at which point, I turned my attention to the protein. After searing the tenderloin, while allowing it to rest, I deglazed the pan with some stock and shallots. Once reduced, I added a knob of butter and set aside.

I claim my steak!

Unit 17: Meat packs a lot of material into one unit but no graded assignments. I found this odd; however it does not diminish the amount of information I benefited from. Useful info on the basics of coagulation and how it affects the texture and juiciness of protein, the different cuts of meat, prepping the meat, and finally cooking it are discussed at length.