PB & GF?

In honor of my little peanut who just turned nine, I thought it only appropriate to share one of her favorite cookies of all time; classic peanut butter cookies. These old-fashioned chewy treats have been a staple in our house for years, but the recipe is by no means traditional. Our grandbaby also happened to spend the first six and a half years of her live on a gluten-free/dairy-free diet.

Friday Food Find: Matcha Matcha!

There are lots of things that you can use matcha in--lattes, smoothies, Popsicles, salads, soups, curries, and of course, tea. In my mind it is similar to ground flax; in that you can add it to a lot of your current recipes for an added nutritional boost. But sometimes, it is also good in something a little more decedent. And that's where today's recipe begins...Matcha Drops.