Dog Days of Summer

Well, in this case, it is the cat I am taking a holiday from cookery school for the summer. It's not a matter of not wanting to work on it but rather too much on my plate during the summer holiday. I want to be able to concentrate on my cooking and not be distracted with the garden, the family, or the weather. I will be back in September!

Burnt to a Crisp

In the roasting section of Unit Five, I learned the finer details of roasting, such as correct temp to roast at, why placement of veg on the sheet pan can be important, and many yummie practice recipes which were lovely to eat. The graded activity involved roasting either butternut squash or Brussels sprouts; BS happen to be one of my favorites so I chose that recipe. My only issue was that it was not exactly the correct season for fresh sprouts here. But the activity was pretty straight forward. To start, you guessed it, gather my mise en place.

Oh, the Glorious Vegetable!

Unit Four wrapped up nicely with a few practice salads and dressing. I have a new-found friend in vinaigrette; while I still do not like vinegar, my horizons have been broadened by the concept that acid can be found in more than one form. And with that knowledge in my back pocket, I have embarked on Unit Five: Vegetables. Who knows, maybe I will get to marinade some veg with some of my dressing. I love vegetables and this unit can only enhance my repertoire and understanding of this food group.