A Little Sugar & a Lot of Spice

It's late March here in the Northwest and the weather is anything but predictable. One day, the clouds amass in a blanket of grey and the next they are pillowy white racing through a Capri-hued backdrop. And if that were not enough, there are plenty of days that provide both. But one thing you can count on is a crispness to the air that makes you feel alive. After a winter of hibernating, it's a welcome notion to get outside, take a deep breath, and stick your hands in some dirt.

Friday Food Find: Matcha Matcha!

There are lots of things that you can use matcha in--lattes, smoothies, Popsicles, salads, soups, curries, and of course, tea. In my mind it is similar to ground flax; in that you can add it to a lot of your current recipes for an added nutritional boost. But sometimes, it is also good in something a little more decedent. And that's where today's recipe begins...Matcha Drops.

Pound for Pound

I have baked my fair share of pound cakes throughout the years, but I have never really made the original. You know, the one with one pound of butter, one pound of sugar, one pound of eggs, and one pound of flour. So, no time like the present. My task today was obvious: bake a traditional pound cake as well as a slightly updated version that even included a bit of baking powder and compare them.

My Little Sweetie Pie

It's late winter here in the Northwest, and I am missing a bit of the warmth of where I grew up: Phoenix. I am missing family even more. I would love to hop on a plane to go see my mom and dad, but work is busy, kiddies are sick, and house needs tending. It's always something. While by no means replacing getting a long hug from my mom, something that does remind me of home is my mom's caramel pie. So given my pining for for home and the fact that I love rich things when it is cold out, it seemed like a perfect day for my favorite sweet treat: caramel pie. As luck would have it, I happened to have all the ingredients on hand. It helps that none of the ingredients are exotic; this is a good old-fashioned pie with cupboard ingredients.