On the Frittata Fence?

Frittatas were never my thing. In fact, until recently, I had never even made one at home. If you don't believe me, you can read more about my egg adventures by clicking here. But that has all changed. I have taken the plunge and become a frittata lover. And not just because they taste so good. They also happen to be a perfect meal-on-the-cheap. And while their main gig is brunch, they can stand in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Good Egg

I may not have left home with a full culinary arsenal, being the youngest of five girls, but I knew how to make a good cake, an array of cookies, a pot of steamed rice, and eggs. Scrambled eggs to be exact. Perfect scrambled eggs to be even more precise. I would actually consider myself a scrambled egg snob. I have so rarely liked scrambled eggs when dining out, I gave up ordering years ago. Once in a blue moon, I will be tempted and snatch a bite off of someone else's plate, but am always disappointed. What seems to be such a simple task, seems to allude most short-order cooks. What gives?

The Humble Egg

I thought I had a love/hate relationship with eggs. I love scramble eggs; so much so that we have four chickens of our own. And I love using eggs in baking. But beyond that, I really have not taken to them, I might have even said that I hate them. I won't eat eggs out at restaurants; they have always smelled and tasted to "eggy" BUT it turns out that the problem isn't with the eggs, it is with the cook.