The Motherload!

Over the years, I have tweaked, adjusted, and morphed my meatloaf into what is lovingly called meatload in my house. This is not your mother's meat loaf, nor my mum's for that matter. It is a dense, almost-terrine like version of the original that packs a herbaceous punch with a smokey backbone.

Curry in a Hurry!

For the most part, I love cooking. But there are some days when I just want to kick my feet up, sip on a hearty glass of wine, and enjoy the moment. Today was one of those days. But just because I was not in the mood to spend too much time in the kitchen did not mean that I did not want a robust dinner to match that full-flavored glass of vino.

On the Frittata Fence?

Frittatas were never my thing. In fact, until recently, I had never even made one at home. If you don't believe me, you can read more about my egg adventures by clicking here. But that has all changed. I have taken the plunge and become a frittata lover. And not just because they taste so good. They also happen to be a perfect meal-on-the-cheap. And while their main gig is brunch, they can stand in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Meal Menagerie: Starring Cauliflower

Every few weeks, we have a grocery standoff in my house. No one is interested in heading to the store, but we are all hungry. For the most part, when we do go grocery shopping, I plan the meals and make a detailed grocery list so that I do not have to frequent the store any more often than I have to. This way of shopping helps keep down on wasted food, but do not lend itself to making meals up on the fly. So when we have a meal menagerie, it is challenge akin to Chopped or Iron Chef except there is no time limit.

Po’ Boy with a Twist

Recently, I decided to introduce liver into my meal repertoire. And the first dish I made was a surprising success. I had decided the best way to present it for all to enjoy was to...well...disguise it. I made a medley of warm bacon, fennel, and Brussels sprouts over tagliatelle pasta with chicken liver alfredo sauce. It worked; the disguise, that is. But no one was saying that they now loved liver--they didn't even know liver was in the sauce until I told them. It was at this point that I realized that I needed to push it a bit farther. I still had half a pound of liver to play with, so I decided it was time to hit the kitchen and find my inspiration.

The Offal Truth

A couple of weeks ago, I was meandering through the aisles at the grocery store, when I passed by some packaged items in the the poultry section that caught my eye; chicken livers. Their brilliant hue of burgundy flesh was hard not to notice. As I investigated further, I was surprised at how reasonable the price was; less than $3 per pound. I had to know more. I went home and started looking online at how to prepare chicken livers, their nutritional value, and why they are not more popular.