One Potato, Two Potato

I had my first assignment in my cookery class. I was asked to make my favorite go-to meal. I have to admit, it was not easy deciding what to cook. My go-to meal changes periodically, but I finally decided on Potato Leek Soup. In the process of making the soup, I was to take a picture of my prepared ingredients, a shot during the cooking process, and one of the final dish. I woke up this morning and headed to the store to get my ingredients. The store is pretty empty in the morning; I will have to remember that. The soup does not have that many ingredients so shopping took no more than five minutes. I headed home, unpacked, and got started.

Back to School

Today marks a very important day. I have decided to go back to school--culinary school; online culinary school. "WHAT," you say? That's right; I have enrolled in the future of food through I have started my first unit in a 27-unit course entitled Professional Cook's Certification Course. It is a six-month course that according to the company, "...charts a new path for cooks that want to learn to develop their craft. Equally suited for culinary students wanting to enter the industry, working cooks looking for professional development, or even serious home cooks that want to develop their culinary skills, this course introduces and reinforces fundamental techniques and knowledge needed in today's kitchens."