Curry in a Hurry!

For the most part, I love cooking. But there are some days when I just want to kick my feet up, sip on a hearty glass of wine, and enjoy the moment. Today was one of those days. But just because I was not in the mood to spend too much time in the kitchen did not mean that I did not want a robust dinner to match that full-flavored glass of vino.

Meal Menagerie: Starring Cauliflower

Every few weeks, we have a grocery standoff in my house. No one is interested in heading to the store, but we are all hungry. For the most part, when we do go grocery shopping, I plan the meals and make a detailed grocery list so that I do not have to frequent the store any more often than I have to. This way of shopping helps keep down on wasted food, but do not lend itself to making meals up on the fly. So when we have a meal menagerie, it is challenge akin to Chopped or Iron Chef except there is no time limit.