Who Knew?

A while back, I saw a carrot salad somewhere that had these thin strands of--well--carrots. It looked like an interesting way to prepare them. I then promptly forgot about it and went on with my life...until a few days ago when I started this new unit on salad and dressing. Before even knowing what assignments I might have, I started searching for the gadget that provides these thought-to-be tasty tendrils. It didn't take long to find it: the Spiralizer. It was reasonably priced so I purchased it and patiently waited for it to arrive.

Oh, Lucky Me!

I wrapped up the third unit on knives and am now on to Unit Four: Salads & Dressings. Here's the thing; I love salads. I just also happen to have an aversion to dressings. Maybe I should rephrase that; I actually hate vinegar which happened to be in most vinaigrette and dressing. Before I had started this cookery school, I had decided that I was going to take this opportunity to try a few things that I had swore off. This was one of ingredients on my hit list to try, so I really should have been more excited, right? I even went out of my way to pick vinaigrette options that had vinegar in them as part of my practice assignments. I went to the store and purchased a white wine variety and still feeling positive began making my salad. When the time came to make the mise en place for the dressing, I knew in my heart that I couldn't do it. The smell...ugh!