’tis the Season’ing

Unit Ten: Seasoning was all about correct and balanced seasoning. Brining, salting, cooking with herbs and marinating were covered to build deep, delicious flavor. By the end of this unit, I felt comfortable with the process of brining, using herbs and creating marinades.

I do have to admit that I was no stranger to brining as several years ago–from a recipe from Rouxbe–we started brining our turkey each year for the holidays. And I now use it for quick brines of pork and chicken when time permits.

Overall, this unit was packed with information and ideas to ponder, but the biggest take-away I realized was that due to my taking much of the summer off, I needed to kick in into high gear to complete this course in time. I also realized that I should print out all  the practice lessons that I am not able to complete before finishing the unit and infuse them into my weekly meal planning.

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